FloodRisk Project - An integrated flood risk - impact analysis system

1/9/2010 – 31/8/2013

Funded by: Ministry of Education, EPEAEK Programme


Floods are one of the most dangerous and disastrous natural hazard. A non – rational management of flood risk can lead to enormous losses of human lives and property. Hence, the creation of an adequate innovative tool, capable of estimating directly the risk and economic losses of flooding phenomenon in a watershed level, is essential. An integrated flood risk – impact analysis system consists of two main components:

  1. A physical based distributed hydrological model for flood inundation and for the simulation of flooding parameters for the existing spatial and temporal hydrological conditions in the watershed.
  2. A flood loss estimation model which can be a geographical information system (GIS) model. Flood damage will be classified in two categories, tangible and intangible and the model will be based in a unit economical loss concept.

Both models interact dynamically. Flood parameters of the first hydrological model will be introduced to the second one at the end of each time step for economic loss estimation.

This project will be implemented in the region of Crete, specifically in Koiliaris River basin, where several flood events were observed in the past and caused loss of human lives and property. The project is co‐funded by the European Social Fund and National Resources ‐ EPEAEK ‐HRAKLEITOS II.